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Choosing a realtor and purchasing your first home can be daunting and stressful and while real estate groups work competitively to differentiate themselves from each other, it takes an exceptional realtor with an astounding team to not only meet expectations, but to surpass them and earn a client’s respect and trust. Glara is my exceptional realtor. Glara and her team worked diligently, not only to make my first-time home purchase less stressful, but also to make the experience a positive and a memorable one. Glara and her team took my perspective into consideration throughout the entire process. Having a client without any prior home purchasing experience can be frustrating for any realtor. However, Glara took the time to walk me through the entire home purchasing process and educated me each step of the way, from the initial pre-approval to the day of closing. She provided me with detailed explanations, explained the purpose behind each step, and gave me the ability to make sound and informed decisions, instead of just letting me sign on the bottom line without knowing what I was doing. Glara created a detailed timeline for important dates and kept the entire process running smoothly. She made the entire experience simple and hassle-free, and answered many of my questions before I even had the chance to ask them. Glara kept my best interest in mind, regardless of the price of my potential home. The price range that fit my budget was well below the average listing price found on Glara’s website, but Glara carried herself with professionalism in all situations, demonstrated by her rigorous and detailed negotiations on my behalf and supported by the favorable outcome of a successful home purchase that fit my needs. Furthermore, Glara balanced my entire purchasing process with other listings and clients without ever making me feel like I wasn’t the first on her list of priorities, with my needs always considered and promptly met. Glara surpassed her due diligence and exceeded expectations by catering to my work travel schedule; maintaining constant and transparent updates; replying to e-mail and/or text in a timely manner; being open to work remotely; and driving 60+ miles on weekends in Los Angeles traffic on short notices. Glara performed all ancillary researches upon request, answered all ancillary and additional questions without hesitation, and provided her experiences and opinions to assist my decision making. Furthermore, Glara’s help did not stop after closing and she has continued to assist me with follow-up questions as they come up. I had a phenomenal and memorable experience with my first home purchase. I dove into this process helpless and clueless, but walked out well-educated and with a home to call my own. I highly recommend Glara and her team to anyone looking to work with a professional and helpful realtor to purchase their new home. It was a privilege working with Glara and it will be an absolute pleasure to work with her in the future. Thank you Glara!

Sharon Kim

Hello you smart home shopper. Just like you, I researched through zillow to find my "dream team realtor" who I can trust and rely on. We needed a realtor who would: A. Represent us in renting our home. B. Represent us in selling our second and other rental home. C. Represent us in finding our next home. Look no further- seriously, Glara will rock your world and accomplish all items noted above and more! We had bought and sold 4 homes now so our expectation of a great realtor is high; I don't mean to sound harsh but there are a lot of agents you would come across who genuinely do not care to represent you in the best manner. They care about getting their commission check and leave you hanging with problems after the deal is over. We live in a society where qualities like loyalty, respect, and true passion for a job doesn't exist anymore. Well, I am so glad out of the 4 agents I interviewed and found via zillow, Glara impressed me and she truly lived up to her first impression. We had a very difficult sale of our second home due to escrow fell throughs and the buyer's poorly managed agent team. The escrow went on for over 80 days and it was truly one of the worst experiences of our lives. Glara stayed on top of her game and called/emailed the counterpart everyday to keep them accountable for the sale. She went above and beyond any agent I had ever worked with and fought for us through every step of the way. You know one of those people you rarely meet who make you realize 'wow, this person inspires me to be better!'. Glara will offer that inspiration and deliver one of the best customer services you will ever experience. She is truly an amazing person, who possesses both talent and passion for her job and clients. Please take this advice and call her to have a chat. She is the mark of a true real estate professioal and we were very blessed to have started this wonderful lifetime partnership with her. Thank you Glara for all that you do!

Eric Cha

Tried to sell a rental property in 2019, but the price wasn't what I was hoping. Glara and Veronica suggested this summer 2020 and it was beyond anyones expectations. Don't settle for less because you won't get anything near the value and level of service in Irvine. I have had the pleasure of working with Glara and Veronica over the years and in every instance they have demonstrated the highest degree of competence, energy, loyalty, and service. This time around they helped me sell a rental property. Although an initial plan to sell the property in the summer of 2019 did not pan out, we were able to list and sell the property in the early summer of 2020 at a substantially higher price despite the surrounding circumstances. It was the quickest listing I had ever experienced - only after 2 DAYS of listing the property did we get the offer we were looking for. Glara and Veronica are always ready for whatever forks or detours may appear in the road. They are always ready to make things go smoothly with their trustworthy list of real-estate-adjacent professionals (contractors, escrow agents, property inspectors, etc.) and concierge-level service. Their attention to detail and willingness to go above-and-beyond speaks volumes to how they view and treat their clients. Many Southern California realtors are a mixed bag of incompetence, gamesmanship, or unashamed entitlement. Glara and Veronica are none of these. They are expert negotiators, they know Irvine like the back of their hands, they are always eager to work for your business (even if you've known them over 10 years), they are civil and respectful, and above all they are just good people.

Steven Fischer

I had the privilege of having Amy represent me as both a buyer and seller of multiple homes/real estate transactions. Amy is extremely professional, diligent, focused, passionate and committed to to her work. She fully understands the needs and exceptions of her clients and is relentless in her pursuit to not only meet, but exceed those expectations. Another thing about Amy is that she takes extreme pride and ownership in her work. She brings a personal touch to her profession that can’t be taught. She genuinely cares about the people she represents and always puts their needs and expectations first. Amy is great about working around your schedule and conducts herself with the highest level of integrity and honesty, while exemplifying humility. I haven’t witnessed those complete set of traits with any of the Real Estate agents I’ve come across over the years. Amy, you’re the best! I can’t imagine going through such a personal and emotional business transaction with anyone else but you representing my best interest. Thank you for everything and thank you for being the professional you are!

Dennis Wu

Glara and Veronica helped with selling our home, and we were blown away by the exceptional service that we received. We worked mostly with Glara, and she was always super responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and just generally very easy to work with. Glara always tried to go the extra mile for us and make our lives easier, which is appreciated tremendously given we had to move out of state on short notice. I highly recommend Glara if you plan to sell a house or want to buy one. With Glara and team's help, despite selling during the holidays, we were in escrow within a week and closed very fast. I attribute this to Glara and team's strategic thinking, proactive work ethic, and exceptional talent in staging and photographing homes. The photographs her team took of our place were stunning and the listing she prepared was just top notch. We've worked with a few agents over the years (and I'm in the real estate industry myself), so I say with confidence that Glara is one of the best out there.

Alden Chu

Glara is the best agent there is. She really shows that she cares for her clients as she gave her full 200% effort into helping my fiance and I find a home. Although her specialty is in the city of Irvine, she helped us look in other cities including Yorba Linda, Brea, Walnut, and Diamond Bar. She found us a spectacular home in Diamond Bar and we were able to tour the home just one day after it was listed for sale. The house was so popular that there wasn't even an official public open house. She is very easy to get along with and it shows as our offer was quickly accepted (despite not being the highest offer). We enjoyed working with her and I think other agents do too. We are so lucky to have had her with our first home purchase. She explained the mortgage and home buying in layman's terms and guided us through the stressful process. Don't look further because Glara is the agent you want on your side.

E & T Nguyen

From start to finish, the experience with Veronica and Glara was top-notched. Buyers have to be realistic about the market environment and set the price of their home at a level that is congruent with their time line. V and G met with us and provided a realistic price for the time frame we were looking to sell. They were able to save us a lot of money by advising us on where to spend money on getting the house prepped. In addition, the soft staging and professional photography was the icing on the cake we needed to fetch top dollar for our home. I should mention that we sold our home within days of listing with V and G. To boot, we were so happy at how smooth the escrow process went with them on our team. We've purchased many homes in my lifetime and this has been - by far - the smoothest closing we have every been through. I highly recommend the team of V and G. You won't be disappointed.

Sofe Ring

Using Glara to rent out our home in Orchards Hills was one of the best decisions we made during the process. We've worked with realtors in the past, but no one as knowledgeable, talented, and skilled as Glara. We had an informational call with her to learn about her offerings, and knew by the end of the call we couldn't work with anyone else. I'm sure Glara had other folks in her client book at the time, but she was always available to have open houses, to swing by to help with errands, and communicate clearly and effectively leaving us without needing to ask many questions. We felt like her #1. Once our house was off the market, Glara helped with things outside of our expected scope like meeting our cleaners when we were out of town, and helping with getting our electric vehicle moved to another city. Glara is the best. Honestly, work with her!

Campbell Smith

My fiance and I are so thrilled to have found Glara! We were looking to move to a new rental condo in a nicer neighborhood and Glara showed us countless homes before we found the perfect one. I've never met anyone who is so responsive and timely in their communication - and even though we were not buying a home (yet) - she took so much time with us to ensure that our needs were met. We would have never landed the condo that we did if it weren't for her quick communication as soon as it was listed and being flexible in meeting us at the property less than an hour later. All throughout the move-in process she was always a text or phone call away, making sure everything went smoothly (and is still in contact when we have questions!). She is truly top notch. When we are ready to buy our first home, she will definitely be our go-to!

Kelly T.

Glara is beyond wonderful. She is professional, knowledgeable, and honest. It was our first time buying a home so we were inexperienced with the entire process. However, Glara was there for us every single step of the way. She is there to support you 110%. No question was left unanswered, and every worry was diminished. Glara is communicative on all fronts, making sure that everything is on track with your loan officer and the selling agent. We were on a tight timeline to close due to our previous living situation. Our bank was wavering to push back the closing date, however Glara pulled through for us and was firm on keeping our intended timeline. We felt secure at every turn with Glara in our court, I highly recommend her and will most definitely be returning to this team for all of my future real estate needs.

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